SMART-map joined the events of the EU Projects ROSIE and PROSO

September 21st 2017 events

On 13 September Angela Simone from the Giannino Bassetti Foundation joined the event Responsible Innovation: tools for businesses and stakeholders, organized by the EU project ROSIE. The project – led by CISE, a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena (Italy) – aims to improve skills among entrepreneurs and innovation actors to promote responsible innovation in companies in Central Europe.

Angela Simone introduced the Responsible research and innovation concept, presenting companies that are championing this approach in Europe. She also described the SMART-map experience, illustrating results from the first phase of the project.


Last June Simone also took part in one of the event organized by the EU project PROSO (Promoting Societal Engagement in Research and Innovation).

The Multi-Actor Conference on Engaging Society for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) brought together a broad range of relevant stakeholders from across Europe and beyond (including research policy makers, research management and funding organizations, business and industry organizations, science education and communication actors, researchers, and third sector organizations). The aim was to discuss with the participants innovative ways to promote the engagement of society with research and innovation in Europe. To mainstream societal engagement in research and innovation (R&I), political and societal support is required, even if several barriers are in place which need to be systematically addressed by dedicated research, science and technology policies. SMART-map provided its perspective on such policies, stemming from the results of the Industrial Dialogue Events.

The report of the workshop from the event will be made available on PROSO website before the end of October.




Project Coordination
prof. Francesco Lescai,
Aarhus University

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation, under grant agreement no. 710500