RRI Angels & Societal Watchdog to meet for the first time

June 30th 2017 project meetings

After completing the six Industrial Dialogues, the consortium will meet the Advisory Board, in order to get their feedbacks on the proposals developed so far. The meeting will take place on 4 July in Milan and will be hosted by Giannino Bassetti Foundation.

The RRI Angels, high-level experts from academia and entrepreneurial field that represent some of the RRI dimensions, will meet for the first time the second subgroup of the Advisory Board: the Societal Watchdog, members from organizations that express the points of view of civil society.

The two groups will provide their feedback and recommendations on the tools co-designed by participants during the Industrial Dialogues. They will be asked whether the tools are introducing a transformative element in terms of RRI and whether the tools are making sure society has a role.

The consortium will then elaborate these recommendations and provide some proposals to the three pilot firms that will test the SMART Maps.


Project Coordination
prof. Francesco Lescai,
Aarhus University


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation, under grant agreement no. 710500