The first Dialogue Event on 3D printing in the biomedical field will take place in Munich

February 2nd 2017 3d Printingevents

After the success of the first event, SMART-map is now organizing the second Industrial Dialogue. This event will be hosted by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Munich.

On 6-7 February, participants will discuss ideas and design a prototype of a smart map for the 3D printing biomedical sector. Representatives from industries, universities and civil society organisations will meet and discuss challenges and opportunities of their field of interest.

The workshop will be opened by a keynote speech on the state-of-play and current trends. Participants will then share their experiences on responsible innovation and will discuss ideas to meet the needs of the “industry users”. The final aim of the meeting will be to produce a concrete tool to address the major issues identified during the discussion. This will be a physical prototype developed through a participatory process in which different voices and perspective will hopefully be expressed.

The second dialogue on 3D printing in the biomedical field will take place in May in Milan. Both these events will contribute to the development of a smart map to be adopted by industries.

The next SMART-map Industrial Dialogue will focus on the industrial field of Synthetic Biology and will be held in March in Manchester (UK).


Project Coordination
prof. Francesco Lescai,
Aarhus University

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for research and innovation, under grant agreement no. 710500